Rhett Marron

Principal / Licensee

Born, raised and living in the Western suburbs, Rhett graduated with a bachelor of laws degree in 2000 and in 2001 commenced practice at a highly regarded boutique law firm in Perth, Western Australia. Since that time, Rhett has practised as a commercial and property lawyer in Perth, Western Australia and in London, United Kingdom. Whilst a lawyer, Rhett acted for a number of clients with property disputes and found that many of the disputes could have been easily avoided with the right advice (along with the considerable expense of having to resolve it!). From this experience, Rhett found a niche market for a real estate agent with skills as a lawyer to protect the interests of his clients and to facilitate a smooth real estate transaction. Rhett's role as a lawyer also saw him develop extensive negotiation skills, negotiating corporate deals worth billions of dollars. He now uses these skills to obtain the best possible price for his clients' most valuable asset; their home. Rhett's aim is to ensure that both buyer and seller have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.