Cutting Edge Difference

Point of Difference

Few other real estate agencies can boast the same level of skills, qualifications or experience as Marron Real Estate. 

Rhett Marron is a qualified lawyer with over 10 years experience in commercial and property law both in Australia and the United Kingdom.

These skills and qualifications are a HUGE point of difference between Marron Real Estate and its competitors.

With over 2,700 Facebook fans on the Marron Real Estate Facebook page, we are at the forefront of modern, cutting edge technology and we use this to enhance the sale of our client's properties.  Whenever we list a property it is immediately sent to over 2,700 of our Facebook fans - this provides excellent exposure for our clients and most importantly it's FREE!

Traditional approach with State of the Art Technology

Traditional real estate selling still has an important place in the industry, but in many other ways the world has moved on.  We actively keep up to date with the latest trends and changes in the real estate market.  We invest a lot of our time keeping ourselves up to date with our forever changing industry.

We continually research, measure and analyse our performance using state of the art technology.  We keep a regularly updated and advanced database of prospective buyers containing all the information we need to match them to the right property.

In addition, the internet has become a vital part of advertising properties for sale.  Not only can we automatically match properties to prospective buyers, we also have Property Alerts that automatically contacts our buyers every time we list a property matching their requirements.

We also advertise our properties on various independent websites and social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.  The number of enquiries from this form of advertising is increasing at a phenomenal rate.  We are also able to provide in-depth information and statistics on how your property is performing in the market place. 

There will always be a place for traditional selling techniques but it is important to stay up to speed with current trends, information and technology.  Marron Real Estate has embraced both new and old to ensure that it provides an exceptional service to its clients.